Head of Paid Marketing

London, England, United Kingdom


At Plum, we're on a mission to help people lead a healthier financial life effortlessly! People all over the world are making bad financial decisions every day. This is due the fact that we are busy with our own lives and can't think about the management of our money all day long! On top of that the financial system and the incumbents are set up in a way that its hard to figure out what right thing to do is and hit you with fess in the process. The symptoms of the status quo means that in the UK alone, 50% of people have less than £100 in savings. We believe its the time for that to change! By using with data science, behavioural theory all tied together with great technology we believe that the average person can have £186k more in their lifetime!

Plum is a quirky Messenger chatbot (and an App soon) that links to your bank, understands your spending habits and helps you save money without thinking about it, grow your money by investing in things that matter and makes sure you avoid overspending on your bills. We like to think of Plum as your money's best friend 👫

The Role

You will lead and expand all our paid activities. Paid social is a core component of our current strategy which is why its important to come from a background which has a strong paid social grounding. However we are looking for you to be ambitious and to have either ran other channels or have the desire to do so. You will be responsible for scaling new channels across Podcasts, Paid Search & Affiliates. As part of this role you will also be leading any out-of-home activities that Plum is considering!

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