Product Manager (Growth)

London, England, United Kingdom


At Plum, we're on a mission to help people lead a healthier financial life. People all over the world are making bad financial decisions every day, due to lack of financial education, antiquated financial systems and temptation. In the UK alone, 50% of people have less than £100 in savings. We believe we can change that with great technology, data science and behavioural theory.

Plum is a quirky Messenger chatbot that links to your bank, understands your spending habits and helps you save more, invest in things that matter and avoid overspending on your bills. We like to think of Plum as your money's best friend 👫

Build a product which delivers for users

The problem we are solving affects millions, and we are only scratching the surface of what our product can do for users. Currently it saves millions for ten-thousands of users, and thousands of users are investing, but this is only the beginning. You will take ownership over a core part of the product understand the biggest user problems, define the strategy to solve them, and remove whatever hurdles exist for the team to deliver them.

How we work

We're a small team so things change quickly. We work in "squads" – small, cross-functional teams that are tasked with moving a KPI and they're responsible for designing, implementing and tracking its success. You will be a product manager which will focus on growth. This means you will identify the biggest user problems, come up with solutions, and work with users and designer to test your intuitions, and then with engineers to bring them to life. We build, measure, learn, so being data-driven, and ruthless in learning from the projects we deliver is critical.

Our culture: openness and accountability

Even though you'll have a primary role, you can get involved in any aspect of the business you're interested in and contribute feedback and product ideas freely. In return, we'll expect you to back your decisions with data and logic. Features are considered finished when the data tells us that they've moved the needle.



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